Join Lucky’s Magical Mission on Your Smart Speaker

Welcome to the Lucky Charms Magical Mission! Grab your kids and join Lucky the Leprechaun on an adventure through his magic portal to the 8 charm lands to restore the magic! Use your imagination because magic is all around us. You just have to look for it! You can listen on this page, your smart speaker, and on your favorite podcast platform by clicking the icons.

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The Magical Mission Begins

Lucky is told by the Wise Old Wizard Tree in the Magical Forest that magic is disappearing so he’ll need to travel to each of the 8 charm lands. Once he’s there, he’ll need your help and imagination to save magic!

Land of Hearts

Lucky makes a hard landing in the Land of Hearts where everything is alive, but the rhythm of life is a little off. Help Lucky bring back the magic by getting the rhythm back on track.

Land of Stars

Lucky visits the Land of Stars where everyone is flying through the air — but soon a glum looking Sloth tells Lucky that everyone is becoming earthbound! Help Lucky bring the magic back by thinking happy thoughts — so the land can soar once again!

Land of Horseshoes

Lucky the Leprechaun takes off running in the Land of Horseshoes where everything moves at super speed until suddenly it doesn’t. Get ready to help Lucky think on his feet to speed everything back up and restore the magic!

Land of Clovers

Lucky the Leprechaun lands in the Land of Clovers — the luckiest place in the universe— but suddenly, he learns from an old gnome that the land’s luck has suddenly run out! Come help Lucky bring good fortune back to the Land of Clovers!

Land of Blue Moons

Meet Lucky the Leprechaun in the Land of Blue Moons, where everyone is invisible. When the magic disappears and the creatures in this land see each other for the first time, Lucky will need your help!

Land of Unicorns

Lucky the Leprechaun finds himself in the Land of Unicorns — which is more colorful and vibrant than he’s ever seen in his life! But suddenly a unicorn points out that everything’s beginning to fade! Help Lucky bring beautiful colors back to the land!

Land of Rainbows

Instantly arrive at the Land of Rainbows where Lucky the Leprechaun gets stuck mid-air while teleporting with a skunk. Help Lucky restore magic so everyone can teleport again!

Land of Red Balloons

Lucky the Leprechaun bursts through the portal and finds himself floating on air in the Land of Red Balloons — but meets a goblin that says the whole land has become deflated! You’ll need to use your imagination to help Lucky get the land floating on air again!

Celebrate the Magic

Lucky the Leprechaun returns to the Magical Forest to visit the Wise Old Wizard Tree and tell him about his adventure! Join Lucky and all of his friends in a celebration of the magic being restored, imagination, and friendship.